Welcome to Redefine Fitness!

Here, we value fitness, your personal well-being, individual capabilities, personal goals and our gym community. What is fitness? Fitness is a segue to a  strong, physically capable lifestyle. It's the ability to be physically strong, which is measured differently for every individual, emotionally challenging physically, and mentally rewarding and requires commitment to your goals. fitness is the method we use to get your body working the way it is designed to work.

So how do we start? We start by establishing your baseline beginning with our head coach, completing a personal/physical assessment. We'll then suggest either attending one of our Boot Camps, introductory class, or scheduled one-on-one time with our head coach. The intro work outs help you understand proper movement patterns for all type of exercises including; Olympic Weight Lifting, gymnastic type movements, power lifting, and body building. We utilize concepts from all branches of athletics to keep your body learning and adapting to new things at all times, making you as physically rounded as possible. We are assess your fitness through repeating certain dynamic barbell movements and presenting you with tasks that are not only physically but mentally and emotionally challenging as well.