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How to Join?


If you're interested in doing Redefine Fitness (RDF) you have a few different avenues we can guide you through.

Option 1: New Member Boot Camp ($150.00) - No experience necessary! This is great option for someone who has little to no experience or has been out of a gym for a long time. We meet 3 times a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday at either 5:30am or 6:00pm for approximately one hour. The class runs for 6 weeks and is designed to slowly teach you the proper techniques and movements while gradually building your conditioning in an effort to make your transition into the regular classes as seamless as possible.

Option 2: One-On-One Training ($150.00) - No experience necessary! Our Head Coach provides this option for those who can't fit the Boot Camp into your schedule but still want to experience the proper introductory training. It's 7 one-on-one sessions that are schedule based on your availability. 

Participate in our regular class schedule! Some exercise experienced preferred. We always welcome everyone to our classes, even those with minimal experience. As a new member, it's important that the coaches can spend the appropriate amount of time with you. Sometimes that might be difficult with a larger class, therefore, we recommend options 1 and 2. If you are confident in your ability and are ready to go, we are ready for you!


What do our Classes Consist of?



 ​Our regular classes always have 4 main sections: Warm-Up, Part A - Dynamic strength training, Part B - Accessory movement, and Part C - W.O.D (Work Out of the Day)


Warm up - Our warm ups are usually about 5 minutes and are specific to the movements we are doing that day. During that time the coach will outline the workout and go over an questions the class may have. We do recommend for those who require additional stretching or warm up time to get to the gym early and proceed with your normal stretching routine. Coaches are always available to make suggestions if needed.


Part A - Dynamic Strength Training - This section is 20 minutes dedicated to a strength movement. Examples include back squat, deadlift, bench press, etc. 

Part B - Accessory Movement - This section is 20 minutes of dedicated to either an accessory movement or time spent practicing the many different components of Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, and other various skills. An accessory movement is a strength training movement that compliments the main lift of the day, typically body building type movements. 

Part C - W.O.D. - This is set aside as your daily dose of high intensity conditioning. The coach will explain the workout, demonstrate the technique(s) and answer any questions and begin the countdown to a great final work out... 3...2...1..GO!



Class Schedule

Strength and Conditioning 


** Beginner Fundamental Bootcamps



Partner with a Pro

This is a bi-annual friendly competition that is designed to introduce beginners to the gym and our training methods. We have a "Pro", a current member of RDF, partner with someone who would be considered as a beginner, a non-member. The cost is $50.00/2 person team and registration comes with a t-shirt or tank (for the women).